Rise Of Kingdoms Tips and Tricks 

When you belong to an alliance, it is recommended to move it to the territory if it is an alliance with a territory, or to move close to the alliance if it is an alliance without a territory. There are several relocation items for the territory, so choose the one that suits your purpose. 

When a territory is relocated to a designated point, it cannot be relocated around a terrain that troops such as other territories, resources and mountains cannot enter. Find a place with enough space around the place you want to move. 

A territory cannot be relocated if there are scouts or troops gathering it on the search. When using transfer items, either return all units to the province or wait for a while before returning. 

A territory cannot be relocated to an Alliance territory to which it does not belong, even if sufficient space is secured. If you want to move your territory for the purpose of attacking the enemy alliance, move to the border of the enemy territory. 

An item to relocate the territory by specifying a place where the fog in the kingdom is sunny. It is possible to relocate only to the area that is connected to the area where you are and the gateway occupied by the alliance to which you belong. 

An item that relocates your territory to a random location within your current area. You can move to a place where the fog is not clear, and if you move to a place covered by fog, a certain amount of fog around the territory will clear. 

An item that transfers a territory by designating a specific place within the territory of the Alliance. If you are in the territory, you can move across areas, and if you are occupying a barrier, you can also move to an area beyond that barrier. 

Transferred items that can be obtained from missions and can be used only when the government agency level is 7 or lower. You can specify the relocation location beyond the kingdom (server), but you can relocate only in the area bordering the outer periphery of each kingdom. 

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Protect supplies

In the guide, you would like to accompany a caravan with equipments to the closest settlement on the map. you've got to to guard supplies from unique barbaric raiders who will arrive along the way and attack the caravan.

You can pick the problem level of the talents that the raiding barbarians will control. you'll get individual rewards if you finish level 20. The caravan features a stamina bar. Rankings are awarded supported the problem level and left health of the caravan. the simplest rulers will receive prizes at the top of the event.

Deliver supplies to the community and support what's legally theirs!

Event rules

During the sport , rulers can use a number of their action points to request a resource caravan and escort it to the village. On the way, the caravan are going to be attacked by barbarians, trying to steal supplies ... To Finnish the task, you would like to return the caravan to the settlement.

Players can add challenges to the event before it starts. Each challenge features a star level reaching from 3 to five stars. It are often changed with a slider for every test, also as detailed descriptions are often viewed. On first launch, the available Star Tier options will depend upon the facility Level of every Governor. To unlock difficulties with a better star level, complete them at a more moderate level.

The overall star level is formed from the star levels of all selected challenges. the upper it's , the more complex the assignment are going to be .

Having successfully escorted the caravan to the village at the chosen star level, you'll receive prizes for the task. The leaders can accompany the caravan many points, but only the simplest result are going to be counted. On a failed save, no action points are returned.

The more precious the happily completed star level, the upper your rating. within the case of a tie, the champion is set by the one with the best goods left within the journey

Raiders overview

Common raiders

Ordinary barbarians fight reluctantly, but if they get angry, their strengths multiply. These are possibly the lightest of the barbaric raiders, stopping and striking in response when hit. you'll tell them apart by the white diamond. it's easy to fight upon them, it's acceptable to hit once to form them stop.

Vicious Raiders

A group of greedy criminals rush forward headlong to steal whatever they will , ignoring the danger. The barbarians with the growing diamond represent the foremost important fall. They never stop and go straight to the caravan. they can't be allowed to succeed in the caravan, in order that they must be hit first. this could be a priority. they're denser and stronger than regular raiders.

Raider Chief

Although they're called leaders, they are doing not rule their comrades. But they're strong and perfectly recuperate with skills. In fact, this is often a sort of boss that emerges twice - within the middle of the trail and at the top . it's an orange diamond. Visually, the chief seems like the champions of altars or shrines. The guide who appears at the top is stronger than the one who appears within the middle of the roadway. If you begin to beat him, then he stops and begins to attack in response. One squad might not cope, because it's the strongest and has many lives.

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